architecture R/T

architecture, design and green trends from a young firm based in Goa

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  SMarquit wrote @

Hi could you please shoot me an email? I have a question about your blog. Thanks!

  sharon wrote @

hi,im doing my final year in architecture and would like to do a church complex for my thesis,is it possible that i could do a live case study on one of your projects-church at maxem

  architecturert wrote @

Hi Sharon,
Please send us an email and we’ll discuss it.

  sharon wrote @

sure will do 🙂

  Manuela Mendonca Gomes wrote @

Hi, I am a mural artist from Goa College of Art. I am looking for projects in Goa. Kindly visit my webpage:

  architecturert wrote @

Thanks Manuela. Will get in touch if anything interesting turns up.

  raj basu wrote @

want to apply for internship….please any suggestions

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